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Western Australia

The National Dental Foundation in Western Australia aims to provide dental care and education for those in the community who are unable to access it and are referred through our local charity groups. Dr Russell Gordon (WA Chairman) together with Dr Jonathan Lo (WA State Co-ordinator) and the WA committee work to conduct these volunteer programs within the state. The WA committee includes Dr Dennis Gregory, Dr Sean Archibald, Dr Greg Crane, Jo Robertson and Sarah Ferris who provide additional expertise and assistance.

During 2015, a total of $127,473 worth of charity work was completed through volunteer efforts; this is an increase from the previous year figures of $87,729. A total of 12 practices participated in Dental Rescue Days, with some carrying out more than one. 

The Committee is greatly encouraged by the number of dentists who are keen to volunteer as well as the practices that have volunteered in the past and are keen to do so again. The importance of oral and dental health has been identified by the local charities that work closely with NDF WA to promote and improve the oral health of their clients. The charities involved are pivotal to the success of our “Dental Rescue Days”.


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Archived Western Australia Dental Rescue Days