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NDF Victoria is committed to helping and supporting the underprivileged by providing dental care, at no cost to the patient, through our organised volunteer system.   Dr Peter Waltham (Victoria/Tasmania NDF Chairman) and Ms Kylie Heath (State Coordinator) work with volunteers and industry to facilitate ongoing volunteer programs. The State Coordinator is based at ADA Victoria Branch who generously host NDF Victoria. 

NDF Victoria aims to provide quality dental rescue programs to assist the targeted individuals to improve their dental health.  We work in partnership with our volunteers, committee members, community and charitable organisations and most importantly the people we assist.

Our Committee members, Ms Pam Clark, Ms Naomi Thomason and Mr Ian Crawford provide a great connection with those in the dental trade industry.  Dental companies provide valuable assistance to our programs via donation of materials, marketing support and financial donations.  Additionally, Committee member, Dr Michael Togias brings his clinical expertise and volunteering experience to our NDF team.

During 2017, we aim to further expand our valuable program.  New initiatives, such as our ‘host practice’ model facilitate volunteering for non-practice owning dentists and our ‘Adopt a Patient’ program for those who prefer to provide more comprehensive care to patients, allow more flexible options for dental professionals to get involved.  Dental students are joining in too by providing assistance on Dental Rescue Days and providing valuable oral health information. 

Dr Peter Waltham will continue giving presentations to a variety of groups within the dental profession to further inform the industry on how they can give back to their local community by volunteering and the associated benefits of volunteering.

We also hope to compliment the work done by our team of volunteer dentists by continuing to work with dental prosthetists. 

As always, we look forward to having so many of the dentists who have previously volunteered with NDF continue to do so.  Many of our volunteer dentists have been involved for years and are the strength of our program. 



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