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The National Dental Foundation  has recently expanded into Tasmania.  Our Tasmanian program is supported by NDF Victoria who works with volunteers and industry to facilitate ongoing volunteer programs.  Dr Jim Rushton, Tasmanian NDF Chairman and his team have been regular contributors to the NDF program in Hobart.  We work in partnership with our volunteers, community and charitable organisations and most importantly the people we assist.

NDF Tasmania is committed to helping and supporting the underprivileged by providing dental care, at no cost to the patient, through our organised volunteer system.  There is a great need for dental care in Tasmania with charity and support organisations very excited to learn about NDF and providing excellent support to our program. 

During 2017, NDF Tasmania seeks to grow our volunteer program by further developing ongoing relationships throughout the entire dental industry and facilitating the involvement of more dentists. 

As always, we look forward to having so many of the dentists who have previously volunteered with NDF continue to do so.  


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Archived Tasmania Dental Rescue Days