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Here in Queensland, the National Dental Foundation is committed to helping and supporting the underprivileged by providing dental care at no cost to the patient, through our organised volunteer system. Dr Julee Birch (QLD Chairman) together with the QLD State Coordinator and the NDF QLD Committee organise and guide the volunteer programs being conducted throughout the state.

In 2017, NDF QLD will be committed to excellence in Committee governance, providing a strong direction for structure and future development and continue developing our already formed partnerships alliances to expand our sphere in the community. NDF QLD plans to attract and retain the right people for inclusion into the QLD Committee and to assist with the promotion of the current activities and the values of the NDF umbrella. We strive to develop, deliver, evaluate and promote quality dental rescue programs to assist the targeted individuals to live their life and improve their dental health and all the benefits that can result from this. We aspire to lead by example. We work in partnership with our volunteers, Committee members, community organisations, charities, church organisations and recipients.

We have continued to establish a wonderful initiative in conjunction with a local teaching facility to be able to provide free denture work to any patient that is seen through our Dental Rescue Days.

Here in Queensland, we aspire to become a recognised and respected voice in promoting the need for oral health care for needy members of the community who slip through the gaps in our current oral health system.

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Archived Queensland Dental Rescue Days