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New South Wales

The National Dental Foundation NSW branch is committed to fulfilling the objectives of the National Dental Foundation. We are striving to facilitate genuine outcomes through our Dental Rescue Days that strengthen the connections that create positive, thriving, healthy communities. We do this by engaging the fellowship and goodwill of dental professionals and their teams, to provide pro bono dental services and connecting them with local charities supporting those in genuine need. We can enhance the work of local charities by providing much needed dental services that can boost the ability of those in need to move forward in their life.

The National Dental Foundation NSW branch is directed by the NSW Chairman Dr David Digges and the day to day activities managed by the NSW State Coordinator, Wendy Chin. The NSW State Coordinator position continues to be funded by NSW Department of Health and is generously supported by Australian Dental Association NSW Branch (ADA NSW). This has created some invaluable opportunities for office support, more ready access to the dental industry network and the expertise of the ADA NSW staff.  We are also supported by a local laboratory that has generously continued to support NDF patients with the provision of dentures and other prosthetic needs. 

The best reward from the work we do is the feedback from the people we are able to support and knowing there has been a positive impacte to their lives. Here are a few recent testimonials to highlight the value of the work of the NDF.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a great big smile. I cannot thank you enough.

Loving you guys. It is so good to have people who care about my life and of course my teeth. Your clinic has made a big change in my life.

It was an absolute pleasure to have visited your practice yesterday. I felt I/we were treated with five star service and care. I am very grateful and appreciative for all of the time and expertise you all willingly gave up for our community.

I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to have dental treatment done that I would not have been able to afford. The dentist was very friendly and put me at ease by communicating to me throughout the treatment. I found him to be very thorough and caring during the procedure which helped me by relieving my fear of dentists.

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Archived New South Wales Dental Rescue Days