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Words From NDF Founder

No matter who you are or what you do, you have the ability to make a difference.

Most people are well intended and want to help others but sometimes never get started due to pressures and priorities in their own lives. Dentistry is no different – it is a very busy industry and time is at a premium which is why many well intended dentists have found it difficult to do charity work.

The NDF was created to address that issue and provide a well organised and structured platform that enables everyone in the dental industry to step up and make a direct contribution to help the genuine needy in our society.

As dental professionals you have the skills that can ease pain and suffering and in the process help change lives by reaching out to help people who may have lost faith and hope. Do not underestimate the benefit of helping someone in need – it can change their lives and add more meaning to yours.

Make the effort – contact the NDF today and find out how easy it is for you contribute without added pressure to your already busy life.

Mervin Saultry