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Chairman's Address

I have been privileged to be the Chairman of the Board of directors since 2008 and in such time the need to access dental treatment in Australia has been an ongoing issue. Waiting lists are ever increasing and it is obvious that public resources are being stretched to the limit. 

My connection with the National Dental Foundation started back 10 years ago when we trialled a program from our Bellevue Hill dental practice to help those in need be able to access dental care. Dr Heather Mueller, Dr Andrew Dunn and I, along with all our staff members, gave their day for free. Two groups, Youth off the Streets and Matthew Talbot received much needed and urgent dental care on this day of services.

I had been to East Timor and reflected that, although the needs there are great, it is not for 
everyone to volunteer there. A great need exists here in Australia and it is easier for dentists to give 
their time and be able to volunteer at their own practices. Our group joined forces with the newly 
established and registered charity National Dental Foundation to launch the NDF in NSW. The role 
of the NDF is to act as the coordinating and facilitating body for dental industry volunteers across 

Through the creation of the NDF for the first time it was possible to harness the energy and 
dedication of dentists around Australia. From Perth to Brisbane, through to Sydney, Melbourne 
and Adelaide, dentists have risen to the challenge to care for Australian’s less fortunate. The National Dental Foundation has recently expanded into Tasmania with renewed interest to hold Dental Rescue Days within volunteer practices in the Northern Territory .

I continue to marvel at the ongoing support we have received over the last year. This support has 
come in many forms and from across all areas within the dental community. NDF have been boosted 
by the developing relationship with the ADA and their charitable wing, ADAF with their ongoing 
administration support. NDF have also received strong support by the leading dental industry 
association, ADIA with their recent support at the ADX 16 Sydney show and in the promotion of NDF 
through their publications issued to all their delegates. Gaining this publicity is always a significant 
challenge because it is the most effective way of attracting the potential volunteers for the NDF 

Just over $600,000.00 of dental care has now been provided by our dentists around Australia during 
the year 2015.NDF was able to reach 1122 patients during our 164 Dental Rescue days in 2015, with 
620 volunteers involved in the volunteer events. Our target for 2016 is to increase our volunteer 
activities to be able to provide $1million dollars’ worth of treatment across Australia and to become 
the leaders for coordinating dental volunteer activities.

NDF acknowledges Pacific Smiles Dental as our major sponsor.We also thank dental laboratories across Australia for their contribution and in particular, Southern Cross Dental Laboratories as a sponsor.We appreciate support nationally from ADA and ADIA. 

Our board members and staff are to be congratulated on the excellent work they do in furthering 
our mission. They are very focused on providing a level of services that ensures volunteers and 
patients benefit from the volunteer programs run coordinated through the NDF.