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“The first thought and word that comes to mind of my experience getting work done on my teeth is gratitude. I can’t express enough of the gratefulness I had after seeing Steve who saved my four front teeth and made my experience in the dentist’s chair almost a pleasure. I feel privileged to have had the amazing opportunity to have had very overdue dental work done and with this, the gift of my confidence in image/self-image back, as teeth are a really important factor of overall self-confidence. And being such an expensive procedure it has been neglected in my case and was becoming dire. My feedback for the dental program I was so lucky to be part of, is that I am so appreciative, thankful and forever grateful for their generous efforts and the kindness of their hearts for helping people like me begin to rebuild our lives. Thank you so much.” 
These heartfelt words are from a grateful recipient of pro-bono dental care from a NDF volunteer practice in NSW.

How do I refer patients to a Dental Rescue Day?

You can refer your client to a DRD by following these 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Read and consider

Read the Charity Welcome pack found on our website under USEFUL INFORMATION for charity organisation.

Consider the following questions before contacting the NDF in a request to referring patients to the NDF dental program:

Step 2: Contact

Contact the NDF team to register your charity organisation and confirm the charity details making sure your organisation is within the NDF target patient groups.

You will be emailed a detailed Charity Welcome pack and Handbook once the NDF team has confirmed your eligibility.


National Coordinator:  Lesley Morgan

Contact details:          0429 151 404

Email:                        headoffice@nationaldentalfoundation.org.au


Step 3: Confirm

Confirm your inclusion to the NDF dental programs by completing the Charity Response Form found at the back of the Charity welcome pack and return this completed form to the NDF team. After the NDF has received this form, you may refer selected patients using the provided Confidential Medical history and consent form.

Your NDF State Coordinator will continuously liaise between yourself and the volunteer practice right up to the day of the DRD to confirm appointment times and manage any changes or issues.

PLEASE NOTE: The NDF do not contact the patient directly in regards to appointment times and attendance. All correspondence will go through the case manager at the referring organisation.

Step 4: FAQ

Have you read through the FAQ for Charity Organisations?

Step 5: Our Priorities

Our priority is helping the genuinely needy that have a desire to receive help with their oral health but have no ready access to the private or public dental system. The NDF will use the prioritising classification found within the Charity Welcome pack when considering appointments.

Step 6: Complete

Once the DRD is complete, the NDF Team will contact the case manager directly regarding their referred client usually via email within 3-5 working days of completion with a patient treatment plan, provided treatment and any further action or specialist requirements.


Thank you for participating.